Get Paid $4000 and Travel to Netflix and Instagram!

Get Paid $4000 and Travel to Netflix and Instagram!

Hello readers! Do you love Netflix? What about Instagram?


You might think the title of this post is a joke or that this is the classic case of ‘too good to be true’, but I can assure you that this opportunity from Netflix is entirely legit and real.


Currently (and for a limited time), they are hiring people they call “Grammasters” to travel and act as a temporary Social Media manager for them on Instagram. You’ll travel to different countries, various movie and TV shooting locations, and take pictures for them on Instagram.


Sound like something you’d be interested in? Okay, who wouldn’t? You’re getting paid to travel and go on Instagram for Netflix. So here’s the deal:


For starters, you must be 21 and older. You have until March 6th (Sunday) to follow Netflix on Instagram. Then, you have to add the hashtag #grammasters3 to three of your pictures on your page. Now, it goes without saying, that your pictures should have some substance, personality, and probably something to do with Netflix in them to give yourself good consideration for the position. From there, they will choose 25 finalists and will contact them on March 11th, where they’ll give further instruction on what’s next.


So, in closing, if you ever wanted to get paid to travel and play on Instagram for a company like Netflix, now is your chance! Go apply and best of luck!


— Joey

Founder of