Get A FREE Website From BFYB!

Get A FREE Website From BFYB!


 Hello readers! Would you be interested in a FREE website designed for you or your business?!


Now, if you don’t already have a website for yourself or your business, this can be a great opportunity!


Starting any online venture in any field means that you need to have a website or a place to sell your goods or services!


We here at BFYB will design a 5-page website for you absolutely free of charge! Yes, a FREE website!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Hello readers! Today I wanted to take a second to say: Happy Birthday to!


A little over a year ago, I was so happy I started my online businesses and came up with the idea for BreadFromYourBed. I was so happy at the success I was finding while working from home, that I wanted to share my findings and share what I’ve learned with all of you. In todays world, and especially as a parent, we are all looking for ways to improve our financial lives and to spend more time with our families. I’m so happy at how this first year of BFYB has gone and I’m very excited and happy for the future.


It’s safe to say that it has absolutely been a rewarding first year from so many perspectives.


Throughout the first year, we posted many articles on various ways people can make some extra money from home:

And so much more, available here at BreadFromYourBed.


One of the biggest things I’m happy about in regards to this 1st year of BFYB is the responses I’ve gotten and the stories shared with different people.


It has been our feedback that has really made me so happy with our progression and I can truly say nothing makes me more happy than to hear that someone found our information helpful.


I’ve exchanged stories with various people from different walks of life who have come to BFYB and found information that would help their financial lives. That is the most rewarding thing about the first year of BreadFromYourBed. I can only hope to continue to hear from all of you and continue to provide information that will help us all make extra money from home, or as we say, bread from your bed!


As we move towards this next year of BFYB, there are so many exciting things coming down the road that I’m happy about. Here’s some of what to expect in the next year at BFYB:


  • AN INCREASE IN CONTENT! We are going to be providing a substantial increase in content as we have grown by leaps and bounds over this past year. I’m happy to say that we will be having a lot more content for our readers and that we will be posting twice a week, new posts that will help you make extra money and/or improve your financial lives. We will operate our posting twice a week, but we will also be sharing some exclusive and awesome video content as well, designed to help you learn even more about what we’re discussing and what’s out there for extra money. This is something I’m truly happy and excited for, as we’ll be having featured articles and a flux of information coming to our readers.
  • THE FIRST EVER BFYB E-BOOK! Coming soon will be the first ever BreadFromYourBed E-Book! More information on that in the coming weeks!
  • MORE SERVICES! One of the fastest growing aspects of BFYB is our growing portfolio and clients of our business services! In the next month, we will add even more services to that list!


Thank you again and thank you so much for being a reader and follower of! It has been my sincere pleasure and joy to do this and to help others better their financial lives. I very much look forward to the next year for BFYB and I highly anticipate hearing more feedback and stories from all of you! We started this journey approximately a year ago, now we’re going to continue the journey and move forward to even bigger and better things! Thanks again and I do hope all is well and going well for all of you!


Yours in Cyberspace,


— Joey

Founder of

Need Money Now? 10 Ways To Money In An Hour!

Need Money Now? 10 Ways To Money In An Hour!

Hello readers! Need money now?


At some point or another, we all have been in a financial rut a time or two, or perhaps have had something unexpected affect our finances.


A good majority of people rely on paychecks that come either weekly or bi-weekly and sometimes you simply can’t wait for your next paycheck to pay a specific bill or even put food on the table.


Sometimes, you just need a couple dollars to help you get by till that paycheck or pay day.


So with that in mind, allow me to share with you 10 ways you can make money now. Like in the next hour or so now. How does that sound?

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