Start Your Own Online Store with Shopify!

Hello readers! Interested in owning your own online store?


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are so many places online to buy pretty much anything. From food, clothes, toys, electronics, pets, to bags of air from a Kanye West concert, you can pretty much buy anything online. There are many people making money online with their own stores selling their own products and with people profiting off of literally air, why can’t you sell your products online?

The answer is you absolutely can! And honestly while we’re on this journey of trying to make money from home, you absolutely should!


I’ve mentioned before how you can capitalize on your expertise in a field to make good, residual, passive income via online courses. Another thing you can do is capitalize on perhaps some homemade products you love to make! Are you a fan of cooking and have some unique recipes you like? Perhaps you have a collection of arts and crafts type creations that you love to make? Or maybe you just want to sell some products you’re already selling in the real world and want to capitalize on the global marketplace that is the internet?


Now, if you’re new to the idea of selling products online, the thought of it all could be a little overwhelming. Of course there is creating/maintaining a website or storefront, putting your products for sale, shipping and handling costs and procedures, processing payments, and a variety of other details that go into owning an online store. It can all be pretty overwhelming stuff to someone new to the world of E-Commerce.


Thankfully, there is an E-Commerce solution that helps take care of all of the above concerns/details!


I introduce you to Shopify, an all in one E-Commerce software solution that will help potential shop owners with every aspect of the business! Some of the features and aspects they help with:

— Creation of Online Store/Point of Sale Services: The software will help you to create a unique storefront for your shop and will handle all of the Point of Sale details for you!

— Payment Processing: They will handle all Credit/Debit Card payments for your sales. Payments will be sent to you via PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account.

— 24/7 Support: They will help you with anything you need help with. They will provide round the clock support with any aspect of your business that you need help with.

— Social Media and Web Design Support: Select packages with Shopify offer Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc) services for your shop as well as Web Design/Website services. You can have your very own website and/or domain with Shopify!


And those are just the basics! One of the biggest advantages to Shopify and to their system is that it is designed to assist users new to the world of E-Commerce setup, manage, and build their own online store. I highly recommend you to try them out as they currently offer a 14 day free trial for their E-Commerce solutions. No credit card needed and nothing to get started on your free trial, so why not try it out and see how it works for you? If you like the services, their plans start at between $9-$29 a month which is pretty cheap considering it covers everything needed for you to have your online store.


So if you’re interested in opening your own online store and getting in on the global marketplace that is the internet, I strongly recommend Shopify to all of my readers! Click here to signup for your free trial now! 


Thank you for reading this article and please continue to check us out to learn more different and unique ways to make extra money from home, or as we say, bread from your bed!


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