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Are you interested in providing your business the top of the line when it comes to advertising in todays world? Having new leads/customers and interest in your business everyday? Well then allow me to introduce to you the #1 form of marketing and advertising in 2017: Social Media. Many of you obviously know of the various social media platforms and many of you have accounts with those platforms. However, what you might not have known is how to effectively utilize Social Media in regards to marketing, advertising, and increasing traffic/interest towards your business.


Now that’s where I come in! What I do as a Social Media Manager is create and manage Social Media profiles for small and large businesses. I create a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for each client and I maintain and build their profiles. I act as a virtual representative of the business or client I’m working for. Every single day, I add more and more followers and interest towards your business. I interact with potential and repeat customers and also post news/updates/pictures/coupons/deals/etc. I work every day at building your following and providing you with leads. As you can see, the goal is for me to gain more and more exposure and business towards your business via the undisputed #1 method of advertising and promotion.


Our clients have seen substantial growth in even just the first week of our Social Media Management and Marketing services. One of our biggest clients, Clairfield International, signed us on for good following a very successful first week of service:


Social Media


As you can see, they saw a significant increase in many phases of their Facebook page. They saw an increase in new Page Likes, Total Reach, and People Engaged. This means that they saw a lot more people talking about and actively engaged in their business. As you’ll note by the numbers, it was safe to say that week was a success from a Social Media Marketing standpoint.


Don’t just take my word for my service though! Here are a few of my reviews per




There is no better form of effective and smart advertising/marketing than Social Media. I, as your Social Media Manager, aim to help your business grow and help you reach your business goals. I can absolutely assure, promise, and even prove that you will have more and more leads and growth in your business EVERY DAY!


Use the form below for an inquiry to a quote on our Social Media Management and Marketing services and find out how we can help you maximize the potential of your business and help your business grow!



— Joey

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