Need Money Now? 10 Ways To Money In An Hour!

Hello readers! Need money now?


At some point or another, we all have been in a financial rut a time or two, or perhaps have had something unexpected affect our finances.


A good majority of people rely on paychecks that come either weekly or bi-weekly and sometimes you simply can’t wait for your next paycheck to pay a specific bill or even put food on the table.


Sometimes, you just need a couple dollars to help you get by till that paycheck or pay day.


So with that in mind, allow me to share with you 10 ways you can make money now. Like in the next hour or so now. How does that sound?

  1. Use TaskRabbit:

One of my favorite money making apps is TaskRabbit, where you can be paid for a variety of relatively small tasks needed to be done by people in your area. It’s well worth it to download TaskRabbit and see what people in your area need done. You might very well be able to make some money picking up groceries, giving a ride to the doctor, or walking some dogs. It’s a quick and easy way to make money now when you need it.


2. Flip A Freebie:

A very simple concept and something that can certainly bring in some good money now. What I’m talking about is flipping a freebie, or rather, finding an item for free on Craigslist or any other platform and flipping it/selling it (on Craigslist or anywhere) for profit. Since the item is free, any profit you make is pretty much all yours. You might not think you can find anything worth selling, but believe me, there are plenty of items out there that can make a quick $50-$100 or even more!


3. Garage Sale:

Obviously though. This should be at the forefront of your emergency finance plans. You can put up ads online for your garage sale or you can put up a few signs around town. In either case, you’re certain to have people come by and check out what you have for sale. This can be items you’ve flipped via the previously discussed freebie flip or it can be items you have in your household you no longer need. Old clothes, electronics, tables, chairs, you name it and you can sell it. You’d be surprised what some people are looking for and are willing to pay for certain items, so be sure to do some research. You can almost certainly have a garage sale up and running within an hour and you’ll be that much closer to making some money now.


4. Pawn Something:

If you have items remaining from your garage sale that didn’t sell, why not pawn it? You’re willing to part with it anyways and might as well take what they’ll give you. Depending upon the item of course, but you’re likely gonna want to have a number in mind and stay close to it. At the end of the day though, if you have a surplus of items remaining and a need for money now, pawning those items is likely your best bet.


5. Do Work For Family or Friends:

Your family and friends love you, right? They likely want to see you succeed and are willing to help out if you’re willing to help them with something. Whether it’s giving their car a wash, agreeing to do some work around the house, or perhaps shopping a craft or something you’re good at, you can almost certainly make a few bucks this way. It’s important to think of your best talent or best skills and apply them here. If you’re good at making websites or graphic design, offer that. If you’re good with children, offer babysitting services. Find what you’re good at and use it to your advantage. That’s probably the best advice I could ever give you period, let alone on how to make money now.


6. Payday Loan?:

Hopefully over the duration of your time at your work place you’ve managed to become cool with your boss. Or at least, somewhat cool. Okay, for some of us that doesn’t happen, but if you happen to have a decent relationship with your boss you can try working out a deal for a payday loan. No, I’m not talking about one of those scam companies offering payday loans. I’m talking about you explaining your situation to your boss and requesting a small loan until your payday that will be paid via your paycheck. If need be, offer to throw in a couple dollars for doing so or if need be offer to have the entire arrangement done in writing and signed. You might not get the loan, but if you’re dealing with a reasonable person who knows the person and employee you are (which, hopefully is a good one), then you certainly have a chance at it. I wouldn’t request my whole paychecks worth of money though, only request a portion and if need be, they can have it automatically taken out.


7. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards:

One of my all-time favorite websites is Cardpool. What they do is buy unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash. Now, we all get giftcards during the holiday season or our birthdays. These usually come from distant family members who aren’t sure of exactly what to get you, so they’ll allow you to get what you want. Sometimes though, it’s to a store or outlet you’re not a fan of or don’t have a use for. I remember receiving a gift card one year from a distant family member to Nordstrom, a clothing outlet. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Nordstrom, but they aren’t my style of clothing. So, I sold the $100 giftcard to Cardpool and if I remember correctly made $90 as they do take a percentage for their services. That’s fine though, especially if you need money now, and don’t have a use for said gift card.


8. Offer Your Services on Craigslist:

As we already discussed, you can utilize your talents or skills to make you money with family and friends. Well, of course, you can also advertise those same skills or services to prospective clients online. Put up some CL ads in your area (or all over depending upon the service) that describe what it is you can do for that person. Sometimes you’re advertising lawn care, which would be local postings only. Maybe you can do web design and can advertise all over the world. In either case, again, utilize your skills and services to make money now. With the advent of the internet and social media, you can easily advertise your services and start your own small business with the proper business acumen and marketing.


9. Temporary Work Force:

Something I have done from experience and is available in most locales are temporary work forces. These are also referred to as temp agencies or ‘day labor’ agencies. They usually offer a day of work for a set amount of pay and hours. Now, every agency is different. Sometimes you’ll be working for a fixed amount such as $50-$100. Sometimes you’ll be at a set amount per hour. The majority of the work you’d be doing is manual labor/construction types of jobs where you’ll be another pair of hands to assist with a project. I remember working the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NY at the Jones Beach Theatre. The entire arena was covered in debris and was a mess. It was our job to clean it up. Taking out large amounts of debris or trash, painting a building, and anything construction related is what you can expect, but the beauty is you can also expect to be paid the same day too. It isn’t going to be anything exciting, but it’ll be a decent days pay and a definite way for you to make money now.



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And that’s our list of 10 ways you can make money now. As I mentioned at the start, we all find ourselves in financial worry or struggle at some point in lives. It’s up to us to stay vigilant and discover the many different and unique ways out there to make some extra money. Creating various income streams is of the ideal. I recommend to everyone to do that regardless, but it can also come in handy when you’re waiting for your primary source of income to arrive. I’m more then confident that if you follow this list, you will have made some money now to help out your financial situation.


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