MAKE MONEY ALERT: Introducing the BFYB Affiliate Program!


Hello readers! We are very happy to announce the launch of the BFYB Affiliate Program!

As we have discussed here at, there are many different ways to make extra money from home.


There are even ways to make a full-time income online from home!


With the many different avenues we have discussed, we are happy to add a whole new avenue for our readers to make extra money from home!


We are very happy to announce the launch of the BFYB Affiliate Program!


Starting today, we are launching our BFYB Affiliate Program where you the reader can make extra money from home by selling our Business Services and earning a commission per sale!


Now, the question you’re likely asking: How much can I earn?


Here’s the setup and overview of the prices of Services and what each affiliate sale will bring in commission:


Social Media Management: Our Social Media Management plans start at $200/month for the basic package and $400/month for the advanced package. Affiliates will earn 20% commission on a sale for Social Media Management services, so if you sell one basic package you will earn $40/sale. If you sell an advanced package, you will make $80/sale.


Website Rental Service: Our Website Rental Service Affiliate Program will follow the same model as above (Social Media Management) as our basic package is $200/month and our advanced package is $400/month. You will earn 20% commission on all sales of our Website Rental Service.


Web Hosting: Refer someone to our WebHosting plans via BFYB and iPage? For every referral you bring you will earn a flat rate of $25. With prices for Web Hosting starting at $1.99/month and because we offer high quality web hosting at affordable prices that include many business services, you will find it very easy and profitable to promote our Web Hosting services.


Web Design: Very simple — you earn 20% on all referral sales you bring in. If the customer is quoted for and purchases a Web Design order for $500, you would earn $100 for that sale. Web Design prices vary according to the needs of the customer, but if you know people who need a website done, you can certainly make pretty good money as an Affiliate to our Web Design services.


SEO Services: Our SEO plans are 6 month and 1 year plans, with the 6 month plan being $1500 and the 1 year plan being $2800. Refer a customer to BFYB and you will earn 10% of the package sold. If the customer continues service past their plan, you will continue to earn 10% of that package sold. Residual income!


So folks, that is the basic outline of our BFYB Affiliate Program. For further information regarding the BFYB Affiliate Program or to signup as an Affiliate, simply fill out the form below with any questions or inquiries you might have, and we will get back to you within 12 hours. We are very excited about the BFYB Affiliate Program and look forward to continue helping you to make extra money from home, or as we say, bread from your bed!













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