Have an Expertise? Teach with Udemy!

Hey readers! Today I wanted to share with you all a money making opportunity online that is highly recommended.

Now, we all have something that we’re really good at or have an above average proficiency in. We all have something that we’re very knowledgeable in and can help educate other people on.


To quote The Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”.


I believe that to be true and so should you! Now, one website where you can showcase your expertise and teach others about what you know is Udemy. Udemy is a website where users can learn and teach others about a variety of topics. Users are allowed to upload videos or courses in regards to a particular topic and help other people to learn what they know! Pretty neat, eh?


The real beauty of Udemy and working with them is that your videos/courses that you post are posted to the site for the duration the site exists (and like Amazon, it isn’t going anywhere). So for as long as your course is up, you will passively make an income off your course! Every time someone buys it (and you yourself can set the price) you will be paid for it, long after the course has been posted on the website! A truly perfect and amazing opportunity to begin your ‘work from home career’ by setting up avenues of passive income (more on that in my next article). Courses currently posted range from Free and $25 to $300 and above!


Only you can set the appropriate price for your course, but it is recommended to be fair and to browse the site to get a feel for whats accepted, what is already there, and what most people do.


You’re also more than welcome to use this site to pick up a few online courses in subjects of interest to you! Perhaps you’d like to touch up on your web design skills or become proficient in a programming language? In either case, Udemy offers many different courses in almost every kind of subject.


It is important to note however, that Udemy takes 50% of your course fee if a user finds your course through their website/search feature, but if you promote your courses online, on social media, or any other avenues and they are linked through that, you will keep 100% of your profits. Just another thing to think about when pricing your courses and what type of marketing strategy you will implement to drive people to them.


Now for the big question I’m sure is on all your minds: How much can I really earn with Udemy?


The answer is simple: There is no range. You can earn as much as you put into it. There have been reports of people earning $100 because they sold their $100 course to one person and then reports of people earning just under a half a million dollars in a year by publishing their many courses. I’ve also seen many different Udemy success stories of multiple people earning a million through Udemy. It all depends on what you put into it, your content, your pricing, and everything that traditionally goes into business.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is something that we are ALL good at. Something we all have an expertise in. Why not make money teaching what you know and setup a very good stream of residual, passive income? You can do so with Udemy and it is one avenue I highly recommend for people to make extra money from home, erm, I mean bread from your bed!


— Joey

Founder of BreadFromYourBed.com