Happy Holidays! 10 Ways To Make Extra Holiday Cash!

Hello readers! Happy Friday and Happy Holidays!


I do hope you’ve enjoyed your Holidays thus far and I hope you’ve been able to find some good deals on your Holiday shopping.


Hopefully you’ve checked out and used some of the ways we discussed to make extra money during Black Friday or other big sales events.


Nonetheless, today I want to share 10 of my personal favorite ways to make some extra cash for the Holidays. Some of these items have been mentioned and discussed before, but I mean after all, we all can use more cash for the Holidays, right? So let’s begin with one of my absolute favorite ways to make extra money:


1. Have a Garage Sale: A very standard practice, but one entirely more practical come the holidays! I’m more than sure you have a bunch of old items (electronics, clothes, toys, movies, etc) that you no longer need! Why not put your old stuff towards the new stuff you’re trying to buy? A garage sale is a great way to get all of your old stuff sold (as well as clean up potential clutter in your home) and get some extra cash for the holidays. Simply throw up a few Craigslist Ads and/or signs in your neighborhood and have everything sorted and priced appropriately. Remember — people are looking for deals and bargains right now. They are also trying to buy gifts for loved ones at a discounted price. Work with them and come to an agreement on a price. Your primary goal is making some extra money!


2. Offer Snow Shoveling Services: One of the oldest and most lucrative ways to earn extra cash during the Holidays, the ole Snow Removal business. If you have a good sized Shovel (and if you don’t they are cheap) you are in business! Let people know of your services via word of mouth, business cards, Craigslist, friends/family, and you’ll start getting some clients! Remember to always be fair with your prices and work with your customers — you want them coming back to you for every snow of the season!


3. Become A Personal Shopper: A really fun and cool way to make some extra money during the Holidays is to offer your services to people to be a personal shopper! You could even start with some friends or family, but also advertise your services elsewhere. Charge a fee to do the Christmas shopping they don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Be sure to be fair with your customers though — they might hire you again next year or for every Holiday season! Also, if you do your own Holiday shopping at the same time, you’ll save money on gas AND find out some good deals and specials you might not have known about!


4. Buy And Flip: Since you’re already doing Holiday shopping, why not profit off of some items? What I’m talking about is buying goods at the extremely discounted price or sale and then selling them for more. It’s a simple and common practice for those working from home and one that has helped me out of some tough financial spots. The greatest thing is that it can be done during any season. It becomes that much more lucrative during the Holidays with all of the specials and sales going on. Go to your nearest Radio Shack or Best Buy and see what kind of sales they have on electronics. Compare those prices with the standard market value of the item and see what your profit could be. The profit can be great if done right!


5. Do Some Holiday Baking: Aside from the shopping and the presents, the Holidays bring out another favorite thing to do: eat some amazing food! We all love to enjoy some holiday cookies or some special Holiday dinners! It doesn’t really matter what Holiday you celebrate — no matter what you are likely to indulge in some amazing food this Holiday season. So what better way to capitalize on the Holiday season: Sell some baked goods! Whether you can make amazing meals or amazing Holiday cookies, you can build your own baked goods business for the Holidays! Advertise your services (and menu) on Social Media, to your friends/family, Craigslist, and put up advertisements in local businesses! You could even build up a few clients for after the Holiday season or those who might want you and your amazing cooking for next year! Think of some of your favorite recipes or items you know how to make well and come up with a ‘Holiday Menu’ for your business! Make sure to include pictures! After all, we all love seeing what we’re going to eat and we can especially want to eat with our eyes at times! Once you start advertising and getting it out there, you’ll see the clients and orders start coming in!


6. Get Paid For Your Junk Mail!

Do you have junk mail in your e-mail inbox or mail inbox? You almost certainly do! Check out the article to find out how to get paid from that mail!


7. Try Out Some Apps for Extra Cash!

Check out these apps for some extra cash!


8. Teach What You Know For Passive Income!

Have an expertise in a particular subject? Check out this article on Udemy to find out how you can turn your expertise into a good, solid, residual and passive income!


9. Start Your Own Online Store!

Why not sell your own items or toys online! Start your very own online storefront!


10. Here’s $20 FREE from Netspend!

Check out this article on $20 FREE from Netspend. No strings attached, go to the article and click the link to order your card. Once you get it and activate it, load $40 on your card and you’ll get $20 added to your card for free!


Final Thoughts

One of the greatest things about the Holidays (in my opinion of course) is that it offers a wide variety of ways to make extra money during the season. Using a little creativity and a little thought into what consumers want now, you’ll come up with extremely inventive (and profitable) ways of making some extra Holiday cash.

So what ideas are your favorites? How do you prefer and profit from the Holiday season? I’d love to hear them! Please feel free to e-mail me your thoughts (or anything!) at joey@breadfromyourbed.com

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Thanks for reading and please share/spread the word to those who don’t know about BreadFromYourBed and our website/articles; we aim to help you AND your loved ones to make extra money from home, or as we say, bread from your bed!


— Joey

Founder of BreadFromYourBed.com