Grocery Shopping: Get Some Of That Cash Back!

Hello readers! Want to get some cash back from your usual Grocery Shopping?


It’s a fact that we ALL have to go grocery shopping. We’re all different in the sense of how often we go, as some people or families go once a week, once a month, or even once a day.


In either case, as food is a must to continue living, we all as humans and consumers will always have to make trips to the grocery store. For most American families, that can be something that is quite the costly ordeal. What a family will budget monthly for food will likely be right up there with rent as one of the biggest expenses of the household.


Thankfully, in the age of smartphones and apps are apps that help get back some of that money spent on your grocery shopping. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best Apps (available on both Apple and Android) to help you get some money back:


One of the best, if not the best app for cash back on grocery shopping is Ibotta.


Founded in 2011 after CEO Brian Leach had wanted a more innovative way to connect brands, retailers, and consumers through mobile technology. He wanted a platform where he can connect with brands and retailers offering cash back services on their product and subsequently have the option and platform for consumers to redeem these cash back rewards for the retailers he worked with. Now initially, Ibotta only had a few retailers willing to participate in their program. It wasn’t until a year later, roughly 2012, that they started to receive a bunch of retailers and stores ready to work with them.


Fast forward to today: In 2016, Ibotta is the go-to cash back shopping App. It has a very easy to understand user interface and it’s a very simple process — before you go shopping, you see the items at the particular retailer you want to buy that Ibotta has cash back offers for. You select those items and have to ‘unlock’ them, usually by answering a trivia question about the item or something relatively easy along those lines. After unlocking it, once you’ve purchased the item(s) at the retailer, you take a picture of your receipt via the Ibotta app, and shortly thereafter are credited with whatever dollar amount back the item was. Some items range from  $.25 back to $2.00 and all earnings can be redeemed via PayPal.


I honestly couldn’t stress enough how awesome this App is and how it’s an absolute must have for anyone looking to get some cash back from their grocery shopping. If you’re interested in joining, take advantage of this special offer and start your account with a FREE $5 by signing up here!


Receipt Hog

Without a doubt my second favorite app in the grocery shopping collection is Receipt Hog. This is a little bit more simple and a relatively easy way to make cash back from your grocery shopping. All you have to do is upload/scan your receipts via the App and Receipt Hog gives you coins for your receipts. They also give you occasional surveys, hog slots (for free coins), sweepstakes, and a few other fun ways to earn coins. They even have a ‘levels’ program where after submitting a certain amount of receipts, you will level up and earn a coin reward (or more!). In regards to the coins, to put it simple: the bigger your receipt is in items and money spent, the more coins you earn.


These coins can be cashed in for Amazon Giftcard money OR (my favorite) money sent directly to your PayPal. As you aren’t doing much other than scanning receipts you’re already getting from grocery shopping, this is truly one of the easiest ways to get money back. I have cashed out with Receipt Hog once every other month and usually earn enough for a weeks worth of groceries. How amazing is that!


For more information and to check it out, click here!



One of the more newer ‘cash back grocery shopping’ apps out there is called Shrink.


It’s a brand loyalty app that earns you points and cash back shopping at some of your local grocery stores and retailers.


This app is similar to both Ibotta and Receipt Hog in that all you have to do is snap a picture/upload to the app your receipt from grocery shopping and you’ll be rewarded with coins. Now, in this particular app, you need to make sure that you’re shopping at an approved retailer and that the specific items you are shopping for are listed on the app. For example, if one of the items listed on the app is a gallon of Milk from Winn Dixie, then that’s exactly what you need to snap and send. It’s also very easy to do and gives you another avenue to get some money back from your grocery shopping.


Now, you may be asking “how much can I earn?” or “does this really payout?” and the answer to both is that it’s entirely up to what you shop for and yes it does. The beauty of Shrink is that you can shop at any retailer and redeem your receipts for coins, but you do have to be purchasing brand specific items. Now, the company itself estimates that shoppers earn anywhere from between $.25 to $8.00 cashback on items.


Interested? Check it out here!



As you can see, there are quite a few really awesome apps out there designed to help you get cash back from your grocery shopping. They are extremely easy to use and are a very simple process. The best part is, you’re already grocery shopping and are already spending this money as part of your households budget — you might as well get some of that money back!


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