The Etsy Shop: Create Your Artistic Sales Avenue

Hello readers! Have you ever heard of Etsy and/or thought of starting an Etsy Shop?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out on one of the most creative, fun, and awesome ways to make money from home!


Now, I of course have ‘heard’ of Etsy, and as I’ve discussed many other ways to make money online, I had figured that it was essentially an eBay-for-arts and crafts type of deal and that it would be extremely difficult for new sellers to make sales on a website where other users could be selling similar products.


Recently, I was able to chat with a longtime reader here at BFYB and boy did I learn a lot!


First, here’s the scoop on Etsy, straight from Etsy:

“Etsy is a global creative commerce platform. We build markets, services and economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.

Within our markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. We also offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world, and we’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people.”


Sounds pretty awesome right? Now with that said, I still felt it would be a little difficult for new sellers to sell their goods and establish their brands on the platform. So I had an interesting chat with BFYB reader Cristina Maria, who owns and runs her own Etsy store! Cristina has had an Etsy Shop for less than 4 months now (a perfect candidate for this study) and her Etsy Shop sells various jewelry, handmade crafts, and custom paintings!


She has managed to turn her passions (art/jewelry/crafts/painting) into a business using the Etsy Shop platform! In her short 4 months on the platform, she has gained a substantial following to her shop, has had about 20 sales of various products/goods, and is growing more and more every day! As she mentioned to me, her best sellers thus far appear to be her jewelry and her custom paintings. Now, 20 sales in 4 months is pretty good no matter what arena for a new seller or business owner, but Cristina has experienced quite a bit of success early on in her venture. Her very best week of sales came just 1 month into her venture and made her a net profit of just over $700! In a week! Very impressive and it was that week, Cristina credits, to why she decided to make this her full-time business.


When asked what she did that helped propel her business to success, she shared with me the following tips for people looking to start an Etsy Shop and want to sell their goods on the platform:


‘Sell with a smile’: Cristina made it a point to completely personalize her shop. The image of the shop owner is a picture of Cristina with a bright, beautiful smile and the rest of the shop has the same exact kind of glow. “You want to make potential customers feel welcomed and to give them a completely positive experience every step of the way”, she says. Shop logo, item descriptions, pictures, all of it must be positive and inviting. “Remember — you’re building a brand”.


Etsy Shop SEO: One of the few things Cristina admitted not having a tremendous amount of knowledge on was the “SEO of Etsy”, or utilizing proper keywords and search terms in her descriptions to rank higher in Etsy search results. Think of Etsy as its own Google and think of what your potential customers are searching for. What words or terms are they searching for? Once you’ve established that, you can incorporate those keywords and terms in your item descriptions, shop updates, and in your item titles. “The more SEO friendly keywords to your niche in your shop the better” says the Etsy Shop owner.


Social Media: Hands down, the biggest marketing tool in her arsenal has been Social Media. “When I first got started I really relied on Etsy customers and search engine traffic to drive customers. Then I realized I could utilize the power of Social Media to help get more sales”. And so she did; Cristina launched an Instagram Ad campaign not even a month ago and it has already brought more customers and sales. She says that through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, she is able to help market her products to people of interest to her niche. “People like pictures and visually dynamic images help propel sales. If you’re selling jewelry or art, it’s of course beneficial to have beautiful pictures and images to help drive interest and sales”.



After chatting with Cristina, I had learned so much more about Etsy and running your own Etsy Shop. She helped to show me (and you readers) that it most certainly is possible for new sellers and business owners to start selling on the Etsy platform and make sales. Her story (and her Etsy Shop) is that of a success story and of someone who started their business and with hard work has managed to make it a profitable success in a short period of time.


For those interested in getting started with Etsy, feel free to click here to get started! You can have your very own Etsy Shop up and running in a matter of minutes and with the proper work put in, could make your very first sale today! You can also click here to check out Cristina and her Etsy store, see what she has for sale and the kind of inventory she has, or you can also message her for more information on starting an Etsy Shop!


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