Introducing Florida Xtreme Entertainment!

Hello readers! Today I want to do something different and introduce one of our newest business ventures, Florida Xtreme Entertainment, LLC.

We are proud to announce that FXE, a sports entertainment and pro wrestling promotion, is official and is underway! We are an exciting new brand of Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment based out of the Daytona Beach-Orlando area of Florida in the United States. Our mission in this business is simple — to put on an amazing show that entertains the audience night in and night out.


Currently, we have our weekly Pro Wrestling talk radio show, FXE Live! where we discuss what’s been happening in the world of Pro Wrestling and what’s to come for FXE. Check out FXE Live! featuring the Commissioner of Florida Xtreme Entertainment, The Fantasy Jester, and the Lead Announcer and Voice of FXE Jason (JT) Townsend as they talk the world Pro Wrestling and updates to the FXE World. We will be announcing the FIRST 2 signings to Florida Xtreme Entertainment on this upcoming episode of FXE Live! on August 31st, 2016 at 9pm. Be sure to check that out and more regarding the future of Florida Xtreme Entertainment every Wednesday at 9pm!


We at Florida Xtreme Entertainment will be bringing to you the world of Pro Wrestling from a different perspective. We will feature more compelling storylines, better action, more theatrical and explosive entertainment that can’t be found in other promotions. We pride ourselves on being a promotion that makes entertaining the fans our first priority and we also pride ourselves on being a company that cares about and takes care of our talent. The fans and are talent are the top two priorities for us and we look forward to putting on great shows in Florida. These shows will be available online via the FXE World at a later date to be announced.


I encourage you all to check out our website (currently under construction) at and check back regularly for news, updates, and what’s going on in the FXE World. We are all very excited about this and look forward to the future!


I want to say also, thanks for being loyal to us at BreadFromYourBed. We appreciate you as readers and as people who follow what we do. I very much enjoy the feedback I get and the e-mails from readers. I absolutely encourage it and would love to hear from all of you! Thanks again and I hope all is well!


— Joey

Founder of



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