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Hello readers! Are you ready and/or excited for Back To School time? Check out these Tips!

Ah yes, Back To School time.. always a hectic yet exciting time. For parents and children alike, ther is so much that goes on around this time and so much to prepare for.



It’s crazy to me as I vividly remember being on the ‘Student’ side of this fence not too long ago. Now, I’m on the ‘Parent’ side and I experience all that there is from that perspective. It’s very interesting indeed, seeing what this time of the year brings to both children and parents alike. Lot’s of emotions, lot’s of excitement, and unfortunately sometimes, lot’s of money needing to be spent.


As a young Student, you all remember being relatively-to-extremely upset that School was approaching. Well, at least from the studies part of it. You remember being excited to see some old friends, classmates from the years prior, as well as who the new faces would be. You remember having to come to school with a list of needed supplies and/or materials for your classes. You also obviously dreaded that Summer was over and you must now go back to waking up early, school work, and home work. A truly mixed bag of emotions, right?


As a Parent, it’s a different kind of mixed bag.


You’re half going to miss them being away each day and half excited for the time to yourself and your agenda. You are excited for them for the new year and are doing your best to prepare them properly for success. You also wonder — what are their new teachers like? New classmates? Oh, and of course, all the supplies and materials your child needs comes to the forefront of your mind. I didn’t want to mention it, but of course we have to parents, is school clothes too! That list, by all accounts as I’m a young father, grows each year after year. Plus lunches, are you making them each day or paying for school lunches? Do I need after-school care services of some sort and what are the costs there? So many things to think about, so many emotions, and for some families, the ‘Back To School’ time can be a tad stressful for sure.


Here are some Back To School tips, tricks, and ways to help for both Parents and Students that will make this time much easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved!


— Get Cheaper Supplies: I know this may sound border-line common sense, but you’d be surprised at the amount some people spend for school supplies and that they’re simply at the wrong spots. One thing a lot of people notice is that they’ll see commercials for retailers such as Walmart, Target, and many others that advertise Back To School deals on supplies. While they certainly offer deals, there is none better than your garden variety Dollar Store or Thrift Shop. Go to your local Thrift Shop first for supplies and clothes. You might find great bundle packages on certain School supplies for much cheaper than anywhere else. Start there and finish out at a Dollar Store.


— Get Cashback on Your Groceries:  There are many awesome apps out there to help with getting some money back from your Groceries. As I’ve covered specifically, Ibotta, is one of them and is in my opinion a must-have app for everyone. Combine this with Receipt Hog, Swagbucks, perhaps the Walmart App, and others to get the most out of your Shopping receipts.


Create Your Free Online Storefront: In our last article, we covered an online selling platform called Etsy, where you can sell almost anything but specifically handmade crafts, art, jewelry, and stuff of that nature. We discussed how a reader of BFYB and mother went on to create her own shop and how she managed to turn it into a business. If you’re in need of an additional revenue stream (who isn’t though), I highly recommend you checking out that article on checking out Etsy. Selling online can be extremely profitable and if nothing else, you’ll make very good side money.


— Meet with Other Parents: Those Back To School nights where the parents meet the teachers are bigger than most realize. This is of course your chance to get to know the teachers that will be teaching your kids, but also the parents of the classmates. I found this to be an incredibly positive and productive thing to do and not just for the obvious. Yes, you will be getting to know people that you certainly should get to know anyway. But I’ve been apart of and seen parents meet, get together, and work out ways to help each other. For example, one parent might have spare supplies, clothes, toys, pretty much anything they don’t need OR perhaps a service like babysitting at a lower cost, an exchange of services (I’ll build you a website, you paint my house kinda thing), or anything! It is the truest form of Networking and you will certainly make friends and find ways to potentially be mutually beneficial to each other as Parents.


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Have a great Back To School, Parents and Students! 🙂


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