About Us

Hello! First I’d like to welcome you to BreadFromYourBed!


This business and blog was created by me to help others achieve what I believe to be the ultimate American Dream: Working from your bed and making enough money to live a good, comfortable life. A life where you can spend a lot more time with your family and less time on the road or at a workplace. Our goal is to help make your bed your workplace! There are so many creative and amazing ways to make money, most people just don’t know about a lot of them! They assume a standard 9-5 office job is the only route that works, however it isn’t and I’d love to share with you the many ways that you can make a good income all from your bed!


Now some ideas will be outside the bed, but inside your home. The goal is to create several income streams from small home based businesses or money making ideas that all return a solid income for you (and your family) to live a good life. It is obviously more advantageous and profitable for someone to have multiple streams of income and not just relying solely on one. It is our goal to show you about many different business or online income ideas and to post enough so that you can either supplement your income or (better) create a full time income from home. Whatever your situation or preference is, we’ll be writing about many ideas and many subjects that we’re quite sure some will peak your interest.. or even your expertise!


Whether we are helping you individually to make extra money from home or we are helping your business grow with one of our many high quality business services, we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. There are many ways that you can help your personal finances and/or the financial growth of your business; let us at BFYB help you to reach those goals!


With that in mind, this specific family man and businessman combined his two biggest strengths and knowledge (Computers/Internet and Social Interaction/Salesman Skills) to help him become his own boss and work from home; thus allowing him to spend as much time with his beautiful wife and kids as possible.


And that is EXACTLY what I want to help you with and share with you.




— Joey

Founder of BreadFromYourBed.com


About Joey