5 Ways To Make Money with Instagram!

Hello readers! Are you interested in making money via Instagram?


In case you’re wondering, yes, it absolutely can be done!


There are many Social Media platforms available that help businesses grow and help people to market themselves or their brand. However, what you might not have known, is that there are quite a few ways to use your personal Social Media account (or a business one) to make money.


In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 ways you can make money with Instagram. In my experiences thus far with making money from home, I’ve found Instagram to be the best Social Media platform in regards to strictly making money and using the platform to help sell a product or service.


So without further ado, let’s get started on the 5 ways you can make money with Instagram:


Affiliate Marketing:

If you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you might have already come across some Affiliate Marketers. These are the people promoting another companies product for a commission or percentage of what they sell. You’ve almost certainly seen people promoting ItWorks, Herbalife, MCA, or a variety of companies. The reason being, is that Social Media is an excellent way to conduct Affiliate Marketing. The arrangement is relatively simple — you signup with a business as an Affiliate per their Affiliate program and you are selling their products or services on your Instagram page.


Now, take MCA for example. MCA is the Motor Club of America and is an alternative to something like AAA that provides motor vehicle towing/roadside assistance services and many others. If you sell an MCA membership, you’ll make $80 per sale. So now you see where I’m going with this — if you sell even 3 MCA memberships a week, that’s an extra $240 a week (paid every Friday) to your income. That $240 a week is essentially the income of a part-time job, only this one can be done from your bed. Affiliate Marketing is one of the premier ways to make extra money from home on Instagram.


Sell Your Own Services:

Do you do car detailing? Perhaps you know how to create and build websites? In any case, you can utilize the power of Social Media by selling your own services on Instagram. You can create a specific Instagram account for your business and from there it’s a matter of creating eye-catching content for your potential customers (as well as letting them know what you offer, pricing, etc) and gaining new followers/potential customers for your business.


Social Media is awesome for the simple fact that depending upon your service, you can market to anyone and everyone all over the world. If your business is building websites, you can feature pictures of work you’ve done, information, pricing, and you can market that service to everyone across the world. You’ll be able to gain followers easily because you can add/target anyone and building your business with the proper hashtags (more on that later) will help you attract potential buyers. The biggest key in selling your own services on Instagram is to create a profile rich with eye-catching content and information that you know your potential buyer will want to see and know. Once you’ve built your account, have great content, and are actively gaining followers, it’s only a matter of time before you have your first customer!


Brand Advertising:

Do you have a large following on Instagram? If so, there are companies that may be willing to hire you to promote/advertise their company or product! The key in this particular venture is to have a big enough audience that companies will feel worthwhile to invest in advertising through you. So the biggest and most prudent point to this venture is to continue gaining followers.


Once you’ve amassed a great deal of followers (100k+), you can begin sending e-mails or even Instagram Direct Messages to companies asking if they’d want to advertise with you. Now, of course you’ll also have to have great content on your page, and you should likely contact companies with products or services somewhat relative to your interests. If your Instagram page features posts about how guns should be banned, you probably won’t contact the NRA. It may be wise to build your account in the direction of something very broad, like latest fashion. That way you can contact loads of fashion companies and see which one wants you to advertise for them on Instagram!


Sell Your Instagram Photos!:

Here’s one you might not have known — there are companies out there who are looking to purchase YOUR Instagram photos. That’s right folks, companies want to buy either your selfies or your photos of the world around you. Now, to some people, they absolutely won’t consider this and don’t want their face/location/whatever sold to someone for them to use however they want. The one thing I can say, however, is most of these companies have a very laid out plan that they discuss with you or disclose to you in regards to how/where/why the picture will be distributed. Sometimes they want the picture because you’re extremely good looking and would make for a nice addition to their Social Media page.


For those who don’t mind and perhaps might actually want to get the exposure, companies such as Twenty20 and Instaprints offer a great way to make extra money from your Instagram photos.


CrowdFunding via Social Media:

One of the more popular booms of the ‘Social Media age’ has been the invention of CrowdFunding platforms such as GoFundMe. These platforms allow people to essentially market their cause or reason for needing funding to anyone willing to donate and help their cause. While the platform has been used to succession by people with varying troubled stories (house burned in a fire, huge medical bill to save a life, etc) it has also been used for some really ridiculous reasons, like “send me to Vegas for my 21st birthday” or “help me get out of my parents house because they suck” type of reasons.


Nonetheless, crowdfunding has become extremely popular and can work to yours and/or your businesses benefit. With the help of Social Media, in particular Instagram, you can get a lot of people to know about and read about your cause or business. The more you market your crowdfunding account to others, the more likely you are to have someone willing to help fund your cause or business. I’ve seen people market their crowdfunding account on Instagram to much succession, sometimes posting their cause on say, Kim Kardashians’ Instagram account, which has just under 80 million followers. Now you see where the advantage of Instagram factors into this — you can very easily use Instagram to help you reach anyone and everyone around the world willing to help fund you.



As you can see, there are quite a few ways to make money on Instagram. These are only a few, but are the more popular ways and the most likely to create an additional income for you. The key in anything you start up is to put 120% effort and hard work into your venture. The other key would be that you need to know your business and industry like the back of your hand. You need to know what your potential buyers will want. What they want to see, hear, and how it will all work for them is paramount to building your business (in any area of business). If you take the time to build either of these income streams via Instagram, I can assure you that you’ll find some financial success.


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— Joey

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