5 Fun Ways to Extra Holiday Cash!

Hello readers! Need a couple ways to make some extra Holiday Cash?


With the Holiday season here, many of us are working extra hard so that we can get our family the gifts they deserve.


However, sometimesĀ putting in those extra hours at the work place may not add up to financial success during the Holiday season. It is of my experience that the best way to ‘attack’ the Holiday season is to go after what the average consumer is looking for. Think of how many different ways there are to make money during the Holiday season that will benefit the standard consumer. We’re all looking to buy gifts for someone and we’re all trying to enjoy the Holidays as well, so without further ado, here are 5 fun ways to make some extra Holiday cash!


  • Become A Holiday Shopper!

This is a type of service that you can almost guaranteed make money from. Think of how many people are going Holiday shopping (pretty much everyone) and think of how many of those people actually want to do that shopping (next to none of them). Think of how many people don’t want to spend time in lines, going store to store, and the usual grind from Holiday shopping.


Well, you can absolutely turn this into a service!


Let your family, friends, and loved ones all know that you’re willing to be a Holiday shopper for them. Tell them you’ll get everything they need on the list, at whichever store they need, regardless of line times, all for a set price. Before you agree to terms, calculate/quote your client. Think of how much you’ll need in gas money, in time spent working, the cost for the items, and calculate these numbers to something that works for both you and the client. Be sure to price them fair, as there is a good chance that they might hire you next season. Rack up a few of these “every year” clients and you’ll always have an extra source of income come the Holiday season! This is a borderline guaranteed way to make money during the Holiday season, so definitely give it some thought and start shopping!


  • Offer Gift Wrapping Services!

This is another standard-but-great idea to make extra money during the Holiday season. As we discussed with shopping, many people also don’t want to wrap gifts. So.. purchase some gift wrapping paper and offer your services to family, friends, and loved ones! You won’t be charging much, but at the end of the day you’ll have made some extra money towards your goals. Also, as stated with shopping, this is something you can legitimately turn into a seasonal business. Think of having both services during the Holidays and with a little repeat business, you won’t have much (financially) to worry about during the Holiday season every year!


  • The Free Flip Business

One of my all-time favorite and go-to business ideas and ways to make extra money: the Free Flip. What is a free flip? It’s quite simple — you scour your areas Craigslist Free section for items that can possibly be re-sold, you inquire about them/pick them up, fix/repair/touch up if need be, and sell for more than you paid. Which in this case, should be free. Think about this — in your free section right now, there is likely a TV or electronic device that someone simply doesn’t need anymore. Now, that TV may need a wipe down and a freshen up, but after doing that, you can turn around and list it on Craigslist or E-Bay for a profit. Even if you only list it at say $50, that’s all profit for you (minus the gas money to go pick it up).


The free flip is a great small business idea and it’s the go-to for todays entrepreneur. People are getting rid of things every day and are looking to give away free items aka free money. If you become attached to the free section and focus on growing this particular business, you’ll find an additional income during the Holiday season and all year ’round!


  • Holiday Baking/Bake Sale!

EVERYONE loves Holiday cookies. Or Holiday baked goods. I mean, at least I definitely do. So if you’re good at baking cookies or making Holiday cookies, why not do baking for customers and/or do a bake sale! You can bake say 30 cupcakes, put a little frosting or holiday design on them, and sell them for a profit. You can advertise your bake sale similar to how you would a garage sale. Once you do that, have your inventory ready for sale and watch as the people come to try out your treats! This can be a very lucrative business if you incorporate lots of different items for sale and you do seasonal promotion of the business.


  • Start an Online Holiday Store!

A very standard idea and something that can grow into a full-time business is opening an Online storefront. Here you can sell anything — baked goods, toys, furniture, anything. As I’ve discussed before, owning an online store is a tremendously encouraged idea. I discuss with others in business all the time that owning a store is huge, but offering services or goods on the internet is a much bigger deal considering you can literally sell to anyone across the world. Someone in India might be interested in your artwork for sale or a consumer in China might want to try your baked goods. Using the internet to your advantage, you can capitalize off of the global opportunity by marketing and promoting your store all across the world! I highly encourage all of you to consider opening your own online store.


Thank you all for reading my article on 5 Fun Ways to Extra Holiday Cash! Please be sure to check us out often here on BreadFromYourBed.com and also be sure to go get your own FREE $20 via BFYB!


Yours In CyberSpace,


— Joey

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